Corporate Giving

Paveya, a division of VBL Technologies, supports qualified charitable organizations through monetary and non-monetary contributions.

corporate giving PaveyaThrough our founder’s philanthropic program, founded in 2003, we’re proud to have assisted and partnered with many local and international organizations. We strive for employee participation in community activities, volunteer opportunities, and local fund raising efforts

We believe we can make the greatest impact by contributing to organizations that directly benefit the community in which we work and live. We focus our philanthropic efforts towards organizations whose primary charter concentrates on these specific areas:

  • Poverty and Hunger (Emphasis on basic needs for children and families)
  • Education (Provide educational scholarships to orphaned children and children with disabilities)
  • Health (Preventive and basic health care)
A few of the programs PAVEYA supports:

food program currituck

  • Backpacks for Kids – Currituck County – Paveya is a lead corporate sponsor of this program which provides backpacks for kids full of nutritious food for children living in food-insecure homes. This along with educational materials about health issues is available for them to take home during a weekend or break. 
  • Relay for Life – Outer Banks (American Cancer Society) – fund raising support for R&D for the eradication of cancer.
  • Food Bank – Lower Currituck Food Pantry – Ongoing monetary donations and volunteer support to the our local food bank that helps to feed about 800 people a month.
  • Srujanavani – Charitable Organization based in India – Through a foundation called Srujanavani, programs are in place to support local orphan children in need of basic education through annual scholarships, and to conduct rural health/medical clinics to provide preventive and basic health care.

“Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.”
–Khalil Gibran