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Having a website is not an option in the hospitality industry… but that’s just the start. You need to manage your content and leverage social media technology to continually reach out to your prospects and get them to book and to build a community with your customers so they will come back.

Let Paveya’s team of experts leverage the latest technology to increase your bookings.

Paveya was founded by a hotel professional with vast technical expertise. We understand web design and internet marketing for the hospitality industry. Paveya’s HCMS content management system lets your staff easily stay on top of content changes, like specials, events, reviews, and photo changes. Even more importantly, the Paveya team of experts will be in the background keeping it up to date with the latest software and social media management for hotels.

Best of all, the Paveya Package is incredibly affordable… initial set up is just $1499 and the monthly price for ongoing social media and SEO optimization is just $129. Unlike other traditional forms of marketing it is easy to check real time analytics that tell you the return of investment your social media campaigns are having on your booking rate.

We understand just how dynamic the hospitality industry is and know that beyond a solid web design, hotels need expert hospitality support after your site is completed.

Every business is unique. Let us analyze your specific needs, look at your competition and recommend solutions. Contact us for a FREE evaluation.

We look forward to helping our customers CREATE leads, CONNECT with customers, and GROW their business.

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