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    Grow Your Business with Email Campaigns

    The goal of an email marketing campaign is to turn new leads into customers and to nurture existing customers.

    To keep ahead of your competition, your internet marketing strategy must include email campaigns. This content should include relevant information that matters to perspective and repeat customers.

    Email Design

    At Paveya, we know design. And a simple email newsletter layout, one with limited images and a brief message, will load quicker and display more consistently within the various email interfaces used by your customers. So unless your email template is correctly coded, its display in a Yahoo email account might look perfect but be a jumbled mess in Gmail.

    Contact List Segmentation

    To reap the benefits of a successful campaign—the one that people open, click links, take action, or forward to their friends—you must send the right email to the right subscriber.

    If the email newsletter sign-up form on your website is collecting addresses but you do not know what your subscriber is interested in, you might be losing leads. For example, if you continuously deliver fishing reports to someone interested in fish recipes, that person will likely unsubscribe.

    Paveya can show you how to qualify and organize your contacts from the beginning.

    Email Content Creation

    Each campaign needs to answer a common question about your business or address a need of the people on your contact list. Plus, it must ask them to take an action such as downloading an eBook.

    Writing is a challenge for most business owners and Paveya’s in-house copywriters will produce concise, compelling text for your campaigns that will promote your services and products to help you turn leads into customers.

    Need help launching an email campaign for your business? Contact us at Paveya—the email marketing specialists!

    We look forward to helping our customers CREATE leads, CONNECT with customers, and GROW their business.

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