5 Best Social Media Agencies in Maine

Looking to boost your brand’s online presence in Maine? You’re at the right place! Our team of experts has spent countless hours researching, analyzing, and comparing to bring you the top 5 social media agencies in the Pine Tree State.

We understand how crucial it is for businesses to have a strong social media presence in today’s digital world. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you, assessing each agency based on their expertise, customer service, and success stories.

Maine Creative

Born in 2013 from the ambitions of a one-man design studio, Maine Creative has steadily grown into a diverse team of creators and communicators. Tackling tasks that go far beyond traditional web design, they’ve integrated multiple services into their portfolio. Alongside web development and graphic design, they’re deft at refining business strategies, engaging in thorough re-marketing efforts, and successfully managing social media profiles.

From their success in building websites, planning efficient PR strategies, handling content marketing, to creating eye-catching custom prints and t-shirts, Maine Creative boasts an impressive range of services. Yet, their key strength lies in their ability to turn any business try into a success story through the power of effective communication.

They explain their success with a forward-thinking approach:

We’re artists, we’re social, and we’re communicators. Let us help you identify your brand, strengthen your business, through stunning design, creative ad campaigns, enhanced social media and search engine optimization, public relations, and event planning.

Maine Creative’s remarketing and email marketing strategies have proven to be key instruments, geared towards building strong, consistent connections with a target audience. Their understanding of the importance of company-client communication in this digital age has rendered them leaders in the realm of chic, modern media production.

Also, the meticulous attention to media production is what sets Maine Creative apart. Their media production method involves strategic planning, implementation, and effective media management within their broad service offering.

Their advertising services range from conventional ad campaigns to the most cutting-edge methods on the market. Be it through stunning design, focused SEO efforts, or innovative PR strategies, Maine Creative transforms businesses and offers a unique, comprehensive solution.

  • Web Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Remarketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising
  • Email and Content Marketing
  • Media Production
  • Business Services

Maine Creative’s comprehensive approach strives to truly understand the brands they’re working with. The proof is in their portfolio filled with brands that have used their services to secure unique, powerful identities and generate growth. Their complex, integrated approach to digital marketing will continue to solidify their standing in the world of social media agencies in Maine.

This strength combined with years of experience makes Maine Creative a valuable team in the social media landscape of Maine.


Harpswell Studio

Setting foot in the social media agency realm in 2013, Harpswell Studio quickly made a name for itself. As a former one-man design studio, the agency now thrives with a team of multifaceted professionals. They’re not confined to traditional web design services. Instead, they stretch their prowess in web development, graphic design, PR strategies, content marketing, and social media management.

The key to Harpswell Studio’s remarkable growth? It’s their forward-thinking approach. Your brand can experience comprehensive services that this agency uniquely offers, such as remarketing, email marketing, media production, and advertising.

Let’s jump into what makes Harpswell Studio worth considering.


Brand Identity

Whether you’re just starting or aiming to redefine your business, Harpswell Studio has the necessary tools and expertise. They diligently help you identify your business’s persona and the best way to convey that to your consumers.

Creative Assets

If you need a visually appealing booklet to express your business operations or creatively designed packaging to display a new product, you’re in good hands with Harpswell Studio. They’re not only concerned about the physical outlook of your product. Their services extend to digital representation. They create persuasive advertisements that successfully transmute searches into sales.

Visual Assets

The agency places utmost importance on visual content. They believe this component is crucial in engaging the audience and enhancing your brand’s recognition.

Remember, each social media agency offers different strengths and weaknesses. Weigh your needs against what each provides to make the best choice for your brand. Even without a final summary for this section, one can tell that Harpswell Studio is a commendable player in Maine’s digital marketing field.

SocialManas Digital Marketing Agency

Let’s move on to the next highlight on our list, the SocialManas Digital Marketing Agency. Situated in Bethel, Maine, and with over 20 years’ experience under their belt, SocialManas is no novice to the world of digital marketing.

This full-service agency prides itself on its comprehensive skill set. From social media management and website development to paid social media advertising, SocialManas’ repertoire spans wide and caters to their diverse clientele.

SocialManas is not just another agency out there. It’s a keen helper for businesses aiming to maximize brand awareness. Their strategies help to ramp up traffic and increase your social media presence. But they don’t stop there. The team at SocialManas works tirelessly with the ultimate goal in mind – generating additional revenue for your business.

SocialManas stands tall with a wealth of experience, but what makes them truly unique? Their ability to keep up with the evolving digital trends. Their adaptive strategies, backed by their expertise, ensure they remain a vital player.

As you’re building your brand or simply looking to enhance your online presence, remember that engaging a seasoned agency like SocialManas is a surefire way to ensure success. In this fast-paced digital world, partnering with an agency that stays ahead of the curve could be the game-changer your business needs.

Remember, the best social media agency for your brand is one that understands your business goals and can align them with the latest digital marketing practices. An agency like SocialManas, with its proven track record and commitment to success, might just be the perfect fit for you.

Maintaining a strong social media presence is no easy feat, but it’s certainly achievable with the right agency by your side. So, sit back, strategize, and explore the magic of digital marketing with SocialManas.

Just as you’ve learned about SocialManas, we’ll continue onwards to introduce the next remarkable agency on our list in the next section… But that’s a discussion best saved for another time.


BPcubed, Inc.

Stepping into the shoes of a forward-thinking agency, you’ll find yourself at BPcubed. This innovative enterprise specializes in social media management, public relations, and public affairs services. It’s a certified small business in California, demonstrating its commitment to serving businesses of all sizes. BPcubed proves its mettle in our list of the top 5 digital marketing agencies based out of Maine.

When it comes to experience, BPcubed is no lightweight. The agency was established in 2002 placing it among the early pioneers of the digital marketing world. Its team, with decades of combined experience, offers a rich reservoir of knowledge and skill.

The agency’s Latino outreach program is just one example of its dedication to a diverse customer base. The programs resonate with target audiences, not only reaching them but also moving them to action. This approach is a testament to the company’s cultural competence, an essential trait in the globalized and interconnected age we live in.

BPcubed isn’t just certified as a small business. It’s also recognized as a California Minority Business Enterprise. This dual certification underscores the company’s commitment to diversity and equality, an example of sustainable business practices in the modern era.

Facts can speak louder than words. So let’s have the data do some talking:

Business DataDetails
Establishment Year2002
California Small Business Certification Number0031176
California Minority Business Enterprise Number12070040
Sacramento Business Journal Ranking#16

With a straightforward, targeted approach, BPcubed is all about delivering bottom-line results. Whether you’re a booming corporation or just starting out, this agency’s adaptable strategy is designed to maximise your brand’s online presence. Its services go beyond just increasing brand visibility. They’re about nurturing engagement and driving traffic, inevitably leading to higher revenues.

Regarded by many as a leading choice, partnering with BPcubed can give your business the edge it needs to be one step ahead in the fast-paced digital world. Just as with SocialManas (previously discussed), BPcubed aligns business goals with the latest digital marketing practices.

The next section of this article will introduce “XYZ,” another impressive agency contributing to the dynamic digital marketing landscape of Maine.


Glacial Multimedia

Our next entrant into Maine’s leading social media agency roster is Glacial Multimedia. For over 18 years, they’ve carved out a unique niche in the digital marketing world by specializing in medical marketing. If you are a physician looking to build your practice, Glacial is your agency.

They focus on creating custom-tailored solutions to their clients. Glacial is skilled in medical website design, search engine optimization, and internet marketing. The agency employs cutting-edge technology to bridge the gap between medical brands and their customers.

Whether you’re in LASIK & ophthalmology, dental, bariatrics, aesthetics, orthopedics, radiology or dermatology, Glacial understands the intricacies of each medical specialty. They know how to make your brand shine in the crowded digital space.

What sets Glacial Multimedia apart from its competitors is their hands-on, start-to-finish approach. You don’t just get a one-size-fits-all plan; you get a team of strategic internet marketing specialists backed by top-notch designers. It’s this level of support and the quality work Glacial delivers to its customers that ensures their rate of success.

Just as their name implies, Glacial excels in creating cool, crisp, and sharp digital content that gets your medical practice the attention it deserves. Their range of services is impressive, and they invite you to peruse their medical website portfolio to understand their capacity and the degree of their commitment to quality.

Partner with Glacial Multimedia and establish your medical brand in the digital age. Enjoy the agency’s custom-fit solutions that continue to drive growth and maintain a sustainable presence online. Professional, committed, and experienced — that is Glacial Multimedia summed up. It’s not just about building a website; it’s about creating a platform that propels your medical practice to new heights.


Methodology: How We Picked the Best Social Media Agencies in Maine

We know you’re wondering, “How’d they pick the best?” Well, let’s walk through the meticulous process we harnessed to rank the top social media agencies in Maine. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye!

First up, the Years of Experience, it matters. We paid attention not only to the longevity of the agency but also to the breadth of their experience. This involves considering the various industries they’ve served. A wide range of experiences typically suggests a diverse skill set that can adapt to different clients’ needs. We sifted through numerous testimonials, noting the types of clients they worked with.

Next, we looked at their Reputation and Online Presence. An agency’s digital footprint tells a tale. We evaluated their online reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp, and scanned their social media profiles for engagement and responsiveness. If they’re rocking their socials, chances are they’ll do the same for yours!

Then, we documented their Service Offerings. Not all social media agencies offer the same services, so we examined what each agency typically provides. This involved an analysis of whether they provide complete solutions for social media management, paid ad campaigns, content creation, and analytics. We were keen to highlight agencies that offer a comprehensive package, saving you the hassle of coordination and management.

Pricing Structure made our list too. Everyone’s working on a budget, and that includes you. We evaluated if agencies offer transparent and fair pricing that corresponds with the quality of results produced.

And of course, the Proven Track Record. We wanted agencies not only with big promises but with tangible results to back it up. Client case studies, the agency’s portfolio, and specific metrics concerning previous campaigns were brought into the spotlight.

So here you have it! That’s how we selected the best social media agencies in Maine. Finding the perfect agency for your needs just got a little bit easier. Dive deeper into the story of the selected ones, and pick the one that strikes your fancy.

Final thoughts

Finding the perfect social media agency in Maine doesn’t have to be a challenging job. With an understanding of key factors like experience, reputation, online presence, service offerings, pricing, and track record, you’re well-equipped to make an well-informed choice. These top five agencies are a great starting point. They’ve proven their worth in the competitive social media landscape, and they’re ready to help you elevate your brand’s online presence. So, don’t hesitate. Immerse, explore their offerings, and find the agency that’s the perfect fit for your business. Your ideal social media partner is just a click away.

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